ADSL and Free Phone calls

The house and two cottages are subscribed to a package which includes ADSL, TV and Telephone.

The ADSL is an 8Mb/s subscription, which is accessible through WiFi anywhere in the house. It is permanently active an will be running when you arrive. Most rooms also have a wired access for faster transfers. There is no variable charge per data or time of use for internet service.

Calls to landlines is free for most national and international destinations. There are also free calls to cellular phones into the US and Canada only.

For placing all other calls, it is expected that the tenants will use their personal cellular phone, as such calls made from the house will entail charges which cannot be traced to an individual, and have therefore to be shared by all tenants equally. Please note that French special numbers which incur overcharge on a per-time or per-call basis (30xx, 31xx, 08xx.., etc) do not qualify for the free calling program.

A complete list of the destinations for which landline calls are free can be found